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Planning Your Trip with Glacier Guides

Your initial destination and the start of your trip with Glacier Guides will begin in Juneau, Alaska. As you travel from your home to Juneau, we recommend purchasing fully flexible airline tickets as weather conditions will often dictate and/or delay one’s arrival and departure to and from the field. The day before your hunt begins, a chartered flight with a local air taxi company will be arranged for your travel via float plane from Juneau to the Alaskan Grandeur. We will contact you with the charter flight information. Please take special note of the travel details and dates included on the hunt contract for the booking of your flights. Please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions concerning travel arrangements to ensure the smoothest arrival and departure itinerary for your hunt with Glacier Guides.


Expenses not Included

  • Hunting License – Non Resident, $400
  • Locking Tags
    • Brown Bear, $1000
    • Black Bear, $450
    • Mountain Goat, $600
    • Sitka Blacktail Deer, $300 – Wolf, not required
  • Air Charter to and from base camp, $1,200-$1,500 • Trophy Shipping
  • Trophy Tanning
  • Meat Processing
  • Gratuities, Industry standard is 10% – 15% of the cost of hunt

Post hunt costs include the following:

  • An airline approved shipping container for the hides and skulls
  • Sealing of hides and skulls by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game
  • Skull Cleaning
  • Hide Tanning
  • Meat Processing
  • CITES Permit if applicable
  • Expediting the trophies from Alaska

A post hunt cost estimate for one animal is $1000 – $1500, while a two animal cost estimate will be approximately $1500 – $2000.


If your trip is booked more than one year in advance from the start of your hunt, we require a 25% deposit. The remaining payments will be laid out in a schedule to be agreed upon signing the contract. A deposit will be refunded if the trip is rebooked at the full rate, minus a 20% cancellation fee. If the trip is unable to be rebooked, the deposit will be forfeited. It is highly recommended to purchase travel insurance to protect the cost of your deposit. Payment in full for the trip is due 90 days from the commencement of the hunt. The payment for your hunting license, locking tags, and air charter fee are due by January 1 the year of the hunt. These costs are non-refundable.


In the unexpected event that you may not be able to proceed with your scheduled trip with Glacier Guides, we highly recommend purchasing travel/trip insurance. This form of insurance is an affordable expense to ensure your investment in a hunt with Glacier Guides is not lost upon life’s sometimes unexpected circumstances. Our preferred providers of insurance are Global Rescue or Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance, although many other agencies also provide quality safeguards against the unexpected.

Global Rescue Travel Insurance: (617) 459-4200 /
Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance: (800) 647-4589 /

Items of Note

  • A signed liability release form will be signed before the start of the hunt.
  • If an animal is wounded and not recovered, it is considered to have been taken and will count against the bag limit.
  • Delays due to weather are an act of God in which Glacier Guides shall not be held responsible.
  • Smoking is permissible on outside decks only. Wine, Liquor and Beer is not provided on board, please provide your own if so desired.
  • Laundry service is not available.
  • Please notify Glacier Guides of any medical conditions and/or dietary restrictions prior to the start of your hunt.
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