Mountain Goat Hunting

Southeast Alaska Mountain Goat Hunts

Mountain Goats can be hunted across many locations in North America, but hunting these magnificent animals in the ice fjords of Southeast Alaska is in a class by itself. Whether it be the terrain, the weather, or the challenge of hunting these sure footed monarchs on their own rugged turf, a winter hunt for mountain goats will imprint memories of adventure that will surely last a lifetime.


Our goat hunts are conducted in November, which helps to ensure the trophy and hair quality is at its peak. These handsome animals will sport extended pantaloons, a flowing beard, long ebony horns, and an overall striking appearance that will sure to be the crown jewel of accomplishment in any hunters trophy room.

Trophy Size:

The size of a mountain goats horns are largely determined by the genetic makeup of that particular population, and fortunately for our hunters, Southeast Alaska holds some of the greatest genetic potential for any mountain goat population in North America. The largest of our Billies average over 9 inches, with an exceptional goat over 10 inches long with 6 inch bases being taken almost every year.


The terrain and topography in our hunting area is also very distinct from your more traditional goat hunting locations. Our hunts take place in the ice filled glacial fjords of southeast Alaska which provides a stunningly picturesque backdrop for your mountain hunting adventure. As the glaciers receded from the last ice age over the last 25,000 years, the subsequent geologic forces created deep glacial fjords with imposing mountains that rise near vertical out of the water. These forces served the effect of creating alpine conditions from sea level and upward. Therefore, the billy goats we will be hunting range from sea level and upwards of 2000 feet elevation, occasionally providing the opportunity to harvest a goat with a minimal amount of climbing.


While the majority of goat hunts in North America are conducted via tent and backpack, a hunt with Glacier Guides offers the extraordinary experience of the Alaskan Grandeur, our 78 foot luxury yacht serving as our basecamp. Each day, we will hunt from 18 foot skiffs to travel to the hunting area in search of a suitable Billy, via the spot and stalk method. Climbing is typically required to ensure success, with shots ranging from 150-400 yards.


A typical day of goat hunting begins with breakfast around 6:30am. First light comes around 7:30am, at which time we will bring lunches and depart the yacht for our cruise in the skiffs to the hunting grounds. Slowly we will work our way through the iceberg filled fjords and glass the steep slopes for “reachable” billy goats. Once a potentially suitable goat has been found, we will survey the goat and terrain with a spotting scope to determine the goats size and potential access routes. Depending on the time, position, and movements of the goat, along with potential weather factors, we will determine a plan as to whether we will climb that day or the next.

This hunt is, at times, more of a mental challenge than a physical challenge. We will typically not climb every day, as a climb is only planned when the chance for success on a trophy billy is very high. Patience is often the key to a successful hunt.

As daylight fades and darkness comes early this time of year, we will return to the yacht by 4:00pm. Dinner is typically served around 6:00pm, followed by dessert and the opportunity to rest and relax in the comforts of the Alaskan Grandeur. After a good nights rest, we will do it all over again in search of adventure and that mountain goat trophy of a lifetime.


We recommend that all travelers get full-flex tickets as you are traveling to the Last Frontier and weather will at times play a big part in getting in or out of Alaska. Glacier Guides’ Goat hunters fly into Juneau, Alaska. From there, hunters proceed to a pre-designated Air Charter company, to be flown via floatplane to our vessel awaiting your arrival in the field. Please take note of the travel details and dates included on your contract for booking of flights. Call us with any questions to ensure you are arriving and departing as necessary.

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  • Mt. Goat Hunter: $38,000
  • Non-hunters: $6,000
  • Plus License, Tag, Air Charter, HPF

Glacier Guides is an authorized licensed vendor for Alaska Department of Fish and Game. We will arrange for necessary license, tag, and registration permit requirements for your fishing or hunting trip, taking the guessing and uncertainty out of the picture. Please contact us if you have any questions.