Sitka Black-Tail Deer

Hunt Sitka Black-Tail Deer in Southeast Alaska

Hunting the secretive Sitka Black-tail Deer in the rainforests of southeastern Alaska is a relaxing, yet rather stimulating hunt. Hunts are taken in November, during the peak of the rut, or December, post-rut. Rut conditions and/or snow generally bring the deer down near sea level, however, hunters should be prepared to hike in a forest environment.

Hunting is a walk-then-sit style. Bucks during the rut often readily respond to a doe or fawn bleat, coming to a simple call; often at very close range, making for an exciting experience. Post-rut hunts are more spot-and stalk type hunts with shots ranging 100-300 yards.

Weather to Expect in November/December:

Expect Rain/Snow mixture with temperatures in the low teens to low 40s. Daylight is low, morning light arrives about 7:30am with evening darkness returning by 3:30pm.

Sitka Black-tail Deer Pricing

  • Deer Hunter $8,000
  • $4,750 for Non-Hunters
  • Plus License, Tag, Air Charter


We recommend that all travelers get full-flex tickets as you are traveling to the Last Frontier and weather will at times play a big part in getting in or out of Alaska. Glacier Guides’ deer hunters fly into Juneau, Alaska. From there, hunters proceed to a pre-designated Air Charter company, to be flown via floatplane to our vessel awaiting your arrival in the field. Please take note of the travel details and dates included on your contract for booking of flights. Call us with any questions to ensure you are arriving and departing as necessary.

Glacier Guides is an authorized licensed vendor for Alaska Department of Fish and Game. We will arrange for necessary license, tag, and registration permit requirements for your fishing or hunting trip, taking the guessing and uncertainty out of the picture. Please contact us if you have any questions.
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