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Spring & Fall

You will be hunting the Famous ABC Islands (Admiralty, Baranof, and Chicagof) for huge Brown Bears. We have hunts available in both spring and fall every year. Our hunts take place from one of our Yachts that serve as base camp. From there you access the hunting areas in smaller 16 -18 ft boats or “Skiffs.”


Our spring Hunts are combination Brown Bear and Black Bear hunts and are 10 days long. Spring Brown bear hunting in Gustavus, AK begins in mid-April extending into mid- May. During the spring season, bears emerging from their winter dens venture to the shoreline and grass flats in search of the major source of food this time of year - new plant growth, kelp, and small crustaceans along the coastline. Hunting is a spot-and-stalk style. Skiffs launched from the base-camp vessel are used to cruise promising stretches of shoreline, or to access grass flats where bears come to feed, typically in late evening - often at last light. This is a totally free-range, fair chase hunt that brings you to some of the most magnificent country on Earth - with the added bonus of a chance at a phenomenal Brown Bear trophy, and World-class Black Bear; often the size of Grizzlies! Hunters should be prepared to hunt in Simms waders with wading Boots, and be able to walk at least 2 miles over slick, uneven ground. Shooting distances typically are under 100 yards and hunters should be prepared to shoot from many different positions as a dead rest is not always possible, and shooting sticks are generally not functional in our area. Good optics is a must, as many hours are spent sitting and glassing shorelines. There is always a myriad of wildlife to see other than bears - sea mammals, birds, and whales. The Brown Bear we work to harvest square from 9ft to 10ft+ with skull size ranging from 22 1/2 - 28 inch.


The average day on a Spring Bear hunt is generally rather relaxing! Mornings are spent lounging and enjoying a good book or glassing from the decks of base camp enjoying the splendor of the surroundings. Breakfast is typically served between 9 and 10am. Depending on the weather, we sometimes pack a lunch for the days’ hunt, departing our separate ways from ‘base camp’ between 1 and 3pm. Prime time for the class of bears we are looking for is late evening as typically the big boys are quite nocturnal. High-quality Optics are a MUST on your rifle due to low-light conditions (so bring the GOOD stuff!! Swarovski or similar 30 mm tube with HEAVY or ILLUMINATED reticle!!) We travel back the yacht in the dark, often 11pm or midnight this time of year! Dinner is served between midnight and 2am. (Thus the relaxed mornings!)


Fall Brown Bear hunting in southeast Alaska takes place along one of numerous streams where salmon spawn, during the months of September and October. Hunts are based from one of our custom vessels, with hunters venturing forth one-on-one to a separate hunting location each day; returning to a warm, dry boat and a hot meal each evening. Skiffs launched from the “base camp” vessel are used to access river estuaries, then hunts are a walk then sit style up the salmon streams in the beautiful old growth rainforest. This hunt offers the unique experience of being in some of the most magical environments on earth. Hunters are expected to be able to walk upwards of 2 miles in Chest waders over slick moss covered rocks, logs, trees and uneven ground. The Brown Bear we work to harvest square from 9ft to 10ft+ with skull size ranging from 23 - 28 inch. Our Black Bear square from 7ft to 8 1/2ft+ with skulls ranging from 17 - 22 inch. Brown Bear hunts are 10 days of hunting. Combination Brown Bear and Black Bear hunting in Gustavus, AK in the fall are available on select dates.


The average day on a Fall Bear hunt may go something like this... Breakfast is generally served around 9am. Depending on weather conditions, we often pack a lunch for a day in the field, departing the yacht between 11am and 1pm. Bears of the size we are seeking are often fairly nocturnal, so light conditions may be low, warranting the need for high-quality glass on your weapon. Bring Swarovski or similar European optics with a 30mm tube and HEAVY or LIGHTED reticle with scope covers!! We often return to the yacht in the dark, and dinner is served around 9 to 10pm.


We recommend that all travelers get full-flex tickets as you are traveling to the Last Frontier and weather will at times play a big part in getting in or out of Alaska. Glacier Guides’ Bear hunters most generally fly into Petersburg, Alaska. The only exception to that rule may exist on the first or last hunts of the season when hunters will be directed to fly into (or out of) either Juneau or Ketchikan. From there, hunters proceed to a pre-designated Air Charter company, to be flown via floatplane to our vessel awaiting your arrival in the field. Please take note of the travel details and dates included on your contract for booking of flights. Call us with any questions to ensure you are arriving and departing as necessary.

Alaskan Brown Bear Spring & Fall Pricing

  • Brown Bear Hunter $31,000
  • Combination with Black Bear $40,000
  • Non-hunter $6,000
  • Plus License, Tag, Air Charter

*Our spring hunts are done as combination with world class Black Bear. Black Bear available on select fall dates and is added on at $9,000

Glacier Guides is an authorized licensed vendor for Alaska Department of Fish and Game. We will arrange for necessary license, tag, and registration permit requirements for your fishing or hunting trip, taking the guessing and uncertainty out of the picture. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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