Cross Sound and Elfin Cove Tour

Join us on this inside passage tour through Cross Sound & Elfin Cove

This one of kind charter takes you on a stunning adventure ranging from Glacier Bay all the way to Elfin Cove on the Northern tip of Alaska’s famous Inside Passage. This 8 hour cruise begins and ends in Bartlett Cove of Glacier Bay National Park which is located adjacent to Gustavus, AK. While we cruise out of Glacier Bay on our custom 34’ Armstrong Catamaran you can be assured a stable ride and supreme comfort for your excursion. Along the way we have the opportunity to see Humpback Whales, Orca, Sea Lions, Seal, Eagles, Black/Brown Bears and a collection of bird life.

Sometime during the day, we will take a short hike on George Island to a World War II artillery site. This gun was active from 1942 to February 1944. This relic of a different time allows you to take a trip to the past while also enjoying the rugged beaches and the magnificent scenery.

Elfin Cove, often described as a small ‘drinking town with a fishing problem’ supports a large sport fishing economy. The entire town is built into the rugged terrain of the outer coast and the boardwalk snaking around the town allows you to explore this gem of Southeast Alaska.

This one of a kind trip allows you to enjoy a truly unique experience where the ocean meets the calmer waters of the Inside Passage. Join us for an unforgettable day on the water and experience the wonders that have captured the imaginations of explorers for decades.


Charter rate is $2,000 for up to 6 guests.

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