See ancient icebergs from the unique perspective of a kayak

Your Adventure Awaits! Imagine sitting in a kayak paddling among ancient towering icebergs inside Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve...

It all begins with your departure from Glacier Bay Park headquarters in Bartlett Cove, and there commences a gorgeous two hour ride up Glacier Bay's East Arm to McBride Glacier. McBride Inlet is an intriguing area with a narrow opening in what was the terminal moraine of McBride Glacier many years ago that now leads into an extensive fjord almost three miles long where the face of the glacier now reaches the ocean. This makes for an interesting and engaging paddle that won't soon be forgotten. The Kayaks will be launched outside the mouth of the moraine, and you will spend the next few hours paddling and exploring the Inlet.


$2500 for up to 6 guests, includes kayaks.

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